South Portland Surgical Center - Physicians
South Portland Surgical Center Physicians List

The South Portland Surgical Center is dedicated to providing its patients with the highest quality of care, the latest technologies, experienced and highly-trained staff, and an overall patient experience that is second-to-none.

The South Portland Surgical Center is a facility owned in partnership with several of Portland’s most-reputable surgeons, and the center's team is proud to have this great group of physicians active on its medical staff and utilizing the center as their facility of choice for their patients. In fact, the management of the South Portland Surgical Center has worked closely with the center's physicians to ensure that all decisions made that effect patient care including the selection of nurses and technicians, advanced equipment, and clinical policies and procedures are based on the physician’s input and preferences with the goal of meeting their high standards. In addition to an uncompromised commitment to patient care, we seek to provide our patients and their families with an overwhelmingly positive experience in a friendly and caring environment.

Medical Staff Members at South Portland Surgical Center:

doctor listening to boys heart while father looks on